Perspi-Guard® Maximum Strength Antiperspirant Spray 50ml


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An exceptionally effective antiperspirant spray that only requires application once or twice per week.

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  • The ultimate level of protection from sweat and odour
  • Concentrated formula= 50ml lasts the average user 4-5 months!
  • Apply at night before bed just once or twice per week
  • For underarms, hands and feet
  • Originally designed for Hyperhidrosis
  • 100% Guaranteed to work or your money back

Perspi-Guard® Maximum Strength Antiperspirant Spray is an exceptionally effective solution to excessive sweating. It ensures complete protection from both sweat and odour, whilst remaining remarkably gentle on the skin. This product’s concentrated formulation is so effective that it only requires application once or twice per week. Particularly effective on the areas most commonly affected by excessive sweating: under the arms, on the palms, and on the soles of the feet.


Originally created for sufferers of excessive sweating, also known medically as Hyperhidrosis. However, as it is so gentle on the skin, it is perfectly suited for non-sufferers too. Perspi-Guard® Maximum Strength Antiperspirant Spray is unscented, and designed for use by both male and female users of all normal skin types.


For your total peace of mind, Perspi-Guard® Maximum Strength Antiperspirant Spray comes with a manufacturer’s Money Back Guarantee. In the unlikely event that you find it unsuccessful, simply contact the manufacturer to arrange a full refund of the purchase price.

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Ethyl Alcohol, Aqua, Aluminium Chloride, Aluminium Chlorohydrate, Glycerin, Alcloxa, Dimethicone Copolyol, Propylene Glycol, Triethyl Citrate.

Instructions for Use

Apply only once or twice a week to remain sweat and odour free, although in some cases, more frequent application may be required. Must be applied at night before bed to clean, dry skin. Spray 2-3 times onto treatment areas and allow to dry. In the morning, shower or wash as normal. Do not use with any other antiperspirant as this may reduce effectiveness. Scented body spray can be used to provide fragrance. Application on children (6+ years) should be performed by adults.

Who Can Use

Perspi-Guard® Maximum Strength Antiperspirant Spray can be used by men and women of all normal (non-hypersensitive) skin types from the age of 6 years to treat excessive or problem sweat and odour. It can be applied to most areas of the body, including hands, feet and underarms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Perspi-Guard® Maximum Strength Antiperspirant?
Perspi-Guard® Maximum Strength Antiperspirant is a high strength antiperspirant created to control problem perspiration, and can be used on all normal skin types to prevent sweat and odour. It is so effective, it only requires one or two applications per week, although more frequent applications may be required in more severe cases.

Perspi-Guard® Maximum Strength Antiperspirant and Hyperhidrosis.
Perspi-Guard® Maximum Strength Antiperspirant was originally created to control Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). However, the formula’s mild soothing properties – combined with its excellent results – enable its use on all normal skin types, to prevent problem perspiration under the arms, on the palms and even on the soles of the feet.

How does Perspi-Guard® Maximum Strength Antiperspirant work?
Perspi-Guard® Maximum Strength Antiperspirant contains a dual active formulation, part of which stretches the sweat ducts, while other elements form a partial obstruction, preventing the more viscous sweat reaching the surface of the skin. This double action provides the ultimate level of protection from both sweat and odour.

Why apply Perspi-Guard® Maximum Strength Antiperspirant at night?
The sweat glands are least active at night, when the body is naturally calming down and becoming less active. Applying Perspi-Guard® Maximum Strength Antiperspirant at this time is essential to making the formulation work at its best, as it allows the formula to position itself just under the skin, and initiate the active ingredients before they are potentially carried away by sweating.


What is Perspi Guard?

Perspi-Guard is a highly efficient antiperspirant formula that comes in spray, roll on or pre-soaked wipes. Also available is an Odour Control body wash. It was first designed to combat excessive sweat, otherwise known as hyperhidrosis, and is now commonly used for all levels of sweating. Perspi-Guard antiperspirants also help control unpleasant body odour that are caused by a bacteria in the body.

Why should I buy Perspi Guard?

Unlike it’s competitors, Perspi Guard is a gentle formula that do not irritate or cause pain upon application. This antiperspirant is suitable for all skin types and levels of sweat from light to severe. This antiperspirant is fragrance-free and unisex, focusing solely on sweat control over cosmetic properties.

Who can use Perspi Guard?

The Perspi Guard Maximum Strength Spray is suitable for adults and children over six years of age with the assistance of an adult.

How to apply Perspi Guard?

Perspi Guard antiperspirants perform best when applied on clean & dry skin at bedtime. Take a shower or wash area before going to bed, make sure skin is completely dry, then apply Perspi Guard directly onto your skin. That way, you will maximise the efficiency of the formula with up to 5 days of clinically proven dryness.

Where can I apply Perspi Guard spray?

Perspi Guard Antiperspirant Spray is designed for the underarms, but can also help control sweating on palms of your hands, on your back and soles of your feet. These are the most common sweat areas we recommend to treat but you can apply Perspi Guard where needed on clean & dry (external) skin. You should test skin for compatibility first and always avoid the eyes.

Can I apply Perspi Guard spray on the face?

Perspi Guard Antiperspirant Spray is not recommended to use on the face as it can irritate your eyes. Perspi Guard Antiperspirant Wipes would be most suited for that purpose and a lot safer than a liquid version.

How often should I apply Perspi Guard?

It all depends on your sweat level. The formula is clinically proven to last up to 5 days after one application but your skin might respond differently to it. Some will need to apply Perspi Guard more often and frequent application is fine.

Can I use Perspi Guard during pregnancy?

Perspi Guard is a cosmetic product and not a medication and there are no warning or restrictions for its use during pregnancy.

Can I buy Perspi Guard in Bulk?

We offer packs ready to ship such as twin and triple packs. If you are a business looking to stock more quantities, please contact us today.

206 reviews for Perspi-Guard® Maximum Strength Antiperspirant Spray 50ml

  1. from day one this has changed everything

    I have been so embarrassed for a while now with wet sweat patches on all my clothes and have had to wear black for so long, but from day one this has changed everything for me and I can now wear anything because I no longer sweat under my arms. This product is the best on the market. And I have ordered more and would no longer be without it. Brilliant

  2. A godsend product

    This review is for the roll-on product but for some reasons I could not go through the review section below the item.
    I have lost my confidence for nearly 20 years since I started to sweat excessively at my armpits. I even had two operations regarding armpits sweat but sadly none of them worked. Well they reduced the sweat of my right armpit a little bit but compensated at my chest and my head. The left armpit is still a nightmare. It leaves the patch just in a blink. Even when I try the clothes on at the store, it embarrassingly leaves patches on them. I even suffer from bad smell because of the sweat. In short, the quality of my life has reduced dramatically since.
    I have tried most of the antiperspirants on the markets and none of them worked. Some of them even killed me because of irritations ans rashes. Frotunately, I have tried the Perspi guard roll-on twice and it seems to be the best so far. It was ichy but very mild compared to other products I had tried. I applied every other day as I sweat a lot even it is in winter. The day after the first application, I felt the difference and I held my breath till the next day as the sweat might come back. It did. But after the second application, I felt dry and fresh again. Today my top has not got any patches for the first time. However I have noted that my armpits have some clogs now. I have ordered the Perspi wash and the rock to combine all of them and reduce the use of the roll-on to twice a week. Let see if they work together and save my life. So far so good. Hopefully I can give another positive review after I have tried the wash and the rock. Thank you Perspi. I never want to return the product to get the money back. I just hope so much that they work and I would buy them as gifts for those whom I know they suffer from sweat and/or BO. For those who are unlucky like me reading this review, my advice is that Give it a go. You do not loose any thing. If it works, it saves you. If it doesn’t, return it and get refund.

  3. Does what it says on the bottle!

    Struggled with excessive sweating for years. The more I worried about it, the worse it got. I tried all sorts of extra strength products and nothing worked. I spent money on under arm shields and pads, but couldn’t get on with them. Then discovered this amazing product. WOW. I had my reservations, and kept expecting it not to work, but all the reviews were true! Wished I had found this sooner. I can now make full use of my wardrobe and not have to worry about what I wear. It’s such a relief. Cannot not explain how much this has changed my life. Thanks a million.

  4. Awesome

    Stopped my excessive sweating instantly

  5. Fantastic stuff!

    Great stuff. Highly recommended! Keeps your under arms dry and odour free!

  6. Amazing

    The best thing ever invented! My armpits are always damp/wet since using this product I stay dry all day! I can now wear the tops I want too without worrying about embarrassing patches! Amazing!! I literally can’t praise this product enough will never use anything else!!

  7. Buy without a doubt! You won’t be disappointed!

    Only one of my armpits really sweats, so much that I’m unable to wear certain clothes because it shows a dark patch. I’ve used this and it’s amazing, 3 days on and it’s still not sweating. I bought it a while ago and forgot about the it but having recently been informed of the dangers of using aluminium sprays, I’m not going to continue using this instead of a spray! So I’ve got the antiperspirant now I want to find a nice smelling, non stick deodorant! If you’re considering getting this, then definitely go for it, you won’t be disappointed, I couldn’t believe it actually works ether than I ever expected.

  8. Not great, wouldn’t buy again

    Not great, find this product really itches when applied for about an hour, also only seems to work for the first day so would have to reapply every night which I would worry about irritation as it already itches a lot when applied! I wouldn’t say I am someone that sweats a ridiculous amount either but it’s bad enough to be visible through clothing.

  9. Changed my life!

    I came across perspi-guard when looking for a solution for my excessive sweating. I didn’t believe that it would actually work for me but for £12 for the spray it was worth giving it a try. So I ordered the 50ml spray not expecting much as I have tried many clinical strength antiperspirants on the past and always had the same outcome of them not doing anything at all.

    I was extremely pleasantly surprised. The spray worked from the first time of using it. I sprayed it on at night just before bed and in the morning I was dry! Not only that it lasted for 3 days before I had any sweat at all just washing in the mornings as normal. I actually still cannot believe this stuff works so effectively. I have read reviews saying that it stings upon application however I have had nothing untoward happen when applying.

    The only mistake I made was shaving my armpits and then applying it as I forgot you really shouldn’t do that. It stung so bad and I learnt my lesson the hard way. But that has been the only time I have experienced any discomfort. The rest of the tine I have just seen positive results. This stuff is amazing and I am 100% reordering.

    It genuinely has changed my life. I know that sounds cliche however it’s true. I can wear other colours than black now and don’t have to worry about sweat stains on new clothes. I don’t have to worry about sweat patches as even during exercise my pits stay dry! I am astounded how effective perspi guard actually is.

    I would recommend this to anyone and everyone.

  10. This works!

    Great product. I suffered with excessive sweating under my arms, especially when i felt nervious or anxious. This spray totally stopped that. And after a few weeks of use, i have found that i now need only apply once a fortnight, if that! Would highly recommend to anyone.

  11. Great product

    Amazing product. Been using it for 5 years. No more embarrassing underarm patches!

  12. This Works

    Been clammy and sweaty my entire life, I am sure it has been a good reason why ive been turned down for promotions or messed up presentations.
    Tried a few different products for it and hundreds of different antiperspirants, none of them ever worked.
    THIS WORKS. Follow the instructions though, and don’t do it right before bed, give yourself 10-15 minutes before you come into contact with materials otherwise a day of strange sensations will ensue!

  13. Five Stars

    Never thought I say it but I actually don’t mind lifting my arms up in the office anymore

  14. Awesome

    Awesome,work like maggic

  15. Amazing

    I don’t normally write reviews but I have used this product once and it has instantly fixed my sweaty pits (gross I know). If, like me, your pits sweat in cold conditions (and for me I could literally be sweating ALL day) to the point where your clothing is soaked, becomes stained and smelly – then this is exactly what you need.

    If you’re reading this and unsure whether to buy, my brief experience of the product has been superb. I have used other prescribed options such as a roll on which caused irritation and rashes. This stuff works a dream. If your sweating is affecting your confidence, job etc. then this product will change that literally overnight.

  16. 5out of 5 stars : Amazing!!! So worth the money!

    Brilliant! Can’t praise this enough! I used to sweat a lot, mostly through anxieties as I have quite a stressful job and used to have huge sweat patches every day and have to dry my shirt under the hand dryer in the bathroom but after one dose it stopped! I haven’t had sweat patches since!

  17. They aren’t lying, it’s actually decent

    I thought all the reviews were fake, or sponsored…but I was at my wit’s end and this actually works. I swear to you, it actually works. A 50ml bottle easily lasts 3 months and I no longer suffer crippling pit sweat that used to restrict me to black clothes. Honestly, if you have ever been embarrassed or whatever, buy this.

  18. Amazing

    I was recommended by a friend to user this item and it’s turned my life around it really has! I was always worried getting warm and wearing certain coloured clothes. I’m a very happy person now!

  19. the only product to work for me

    after trying all the usual anti-antiperspirants including the expensive “maximum protection” varieties I was ready to visit my GP to help with under arm wetness when I saw this product online. so as a last resort I thought i’d try it. I’m so glad I did, it is amazing. I use 2-3 times a week and now have practically zero armpit sweat. even showering daily it still works fine. amazing product, highly recommended for anyone suffering with underarm sweating.

  20. What are you waiting for…..

    Wow!!!! What a break through!! Having suffered for years with sweating this has literally changed my life (and clothing options!)
    I can not recommend this product enough!! With the money back guarantee what do u have to loose……?!

  21. Life changer

    This is amazing. I have bad hyperhydrosis and nothing that the doctors gave me or anything i’d buy (talking £20-£30) would work. However, I came across this and thought I’d try it. From the first day I have been amazed. Not one bit of sweat on the first day and a tiny bit on the second day. I reapply every other day. Don’t doubt this product. It is truly a life changer

  22. Changed my life

    It’s not often that a product can change your life. However, this is a worthy exception. Hyperhidrosis has left me wearing thick jumpers and coats through all of the seasons, just to cover my sweat patches. I tried a multitude of other products from the more well known brands, but none of them seemed to work. I’m glad that I found this product just in time for the summer! For what is effectively a deodorant, it is expensive. But totally worth it!


    I suffer from excessive hyperhidrosis and have done for years since I was a child. I could never wear tight tops and had to wear a cardigan to cover up all the time to hide my sweating. I’m getting married and didn’t want it to ruin my day so searched the Internet and this came up. It sounded too good to be true but after reading the reviews I thought I’d give it a try. I’m so glad I did as I can use it every 3-4 days and I’m completely dry! I use it with the body wash and it really works. I know everyone has said this but it has truly changed my life I can wear the clothes I want and not worry. Amazing product!

  24. Definitely recommend

    Best thing I ever bought for my hyperhidrosis! Don’t waste money on cosmetic injection treatments like I did for it to only last 2 months. This is much easier, miles cheaper and pain free! Will be buying this for life as it has changed mine!

  25. Love It!!!!

    Love this stuff I have a thyroid disorder and have really sweaty hands it’s a nightmare and embarrassing, thought I’d give this stuff a try I use it morning and night though only had it a few days but I’m impressed so far dry hands all day 🙂

  26. Deodorant!

    This is the only deodorant I now use! The only one that has finally stopped me perspiring! You only have to apply it every 3 days and it leaves you bone dry! Fantastic!

  27. Happy this works for my feet

    Right, it looks like a small bottle for what you pay for but give it chance. My feet are almost radioactive with my work boots and really sweat and pong. A little goes a long way and lasts for days with one application. Stops my sweating for about 6 days with one application. Foot health is also getting better. Recommended

  28. Amazing product

    Genuinely works 100%! Amazing product

  29. i’m amazed by how well this works

    I’m amazed by how well this works! It really brings back my confidence and there is not a drop of sweat throughout the day and it lasts for around 3-4 days for me which is great!

  30. Five Stars

    Recommended by a doctor, it really helps against excessive sweating unlike cheap “antiperspirants” that are being sold everywhere

  31. Five Stars

    Excellent will continue to use it Not irritating like some other maximum strenth Antiperspirants

  32. M

    This is brilliant stuff! I’ve barely used normal deodorant since I bought it. Highly recommended

  33. Five Stars

    This stuff is AMAZING!!

  34. The best

    This has literally changed my life. Always had a sweating problem, which has caused me so much embarrassment all my life. The stuff they gave me at the doctors burned like hell, but this doesn’t….so happy…no sweating whatsoever, and I can wear long sleeved tops!

  35. Amazing!!

    I read some of the reviews for this product, stating it had changed people’s lives. I didn’t quite believe them until I gave it a try myself! The results have been amazing, and yes, I will jump on the bandwagon and say it has most definitely changed my life!! I can go out as confident as ever wearing whatever clothes I want in whatever colour I want! Truly amazing

  36. Five Stars

    Very good product and my daughter loves it.

  37. Amazing!

    This product is a miracle! After unsuccessfully trying driclor and odabdan, I didn’t have much hope for this product but how wrong I was! Completely dry underarms for a few days after usage and it has not irritated me once (something which the other products did). Will definitely buy again.

  38. Brillian it’s changed my life

    This has truly changed my life. Before I discovered this I could only wear dark grey or black clothes even in the winter. I would sweat all the time and even after showering and putting deodorant on I would have soaking wet patches. It was making me so depressed and I was even considering getting a cosmetic injection treatment under my arms because the sweating was getting me down so much. I can now wear most things, probably wouldn’t wear a tight coloured top on a very hot day but I can live with that as long as I can wear coloured top most of the time. Would definitely recommend. Honestly life changing I’ve been using for about 2 years now and just use a couple of squirts before shaving once a week.

  39. Amazing product!

    Perspi guard has changed my life! I have tried so many different deodorants and every day have come home stinking. Until using this! I would highly recommend!!

  40. She doesn’t smell anymore

    Got this for my girlfriend and she seems to smell better! So yeah I recommend it

  41. Five Stars

    The best by far!

  42. Holy **** this works!!

    I have a genetic condition which means I have problems controlling my body temperature and have struggled for years with excessive sweating and hated having wet patches under my arms. I was often having to change my top to feel fresh again. I tried this on a whim but didn’t hold out much home as I had tried numerous other antiperspirants that hadn’t helped at all. It was strange not putting any antiperspirant on in the morning but my t shirt has been dry ALL DAY!! This stuff is amazing, I’m so happy that I have finally found something that actually works.

  43. Really works !!

    Great product for people with excessive sweating. Even on holiday in hot countries this product works really really well. Would recommend.

  44. This product is incredible I would recommend it to anyone with underarm sweat issues

    This product is incredible I would recommend it to anyone with underarm sweat issues. I no longer feel self conscious in a social situation!

  45. Five Stars

    Fantastic product! I’ve noticed a huge difference

  46. Feeling Hopeful…

    I have just ordered this product after reading the amazing reviews and spending hours trying to find a bad review which I didn’t manage to find so I immidiately went to Amazon and ordered. It arrived this morning and I have been dying for it to get to bedtime so I could use it lol.
    I used the body wash and have just applied the antipersperant (awful spelling) haha to my armpits and groin area (although it doesn’t say anything about it being used for the groin..) I’ll soon find out if that was a good idea or not.
    I decided to give perspi guard a go as for many years I have suffered from excessive sweating and strong smelling sweat . Mostly in the groin area (yuck I know) I never wear colours on my lower half as I would be left with huge sweat marks and the same from my armpits. I’ve tried everything from washing with lemons, lemon oil, baking soda masks, treatment at the hospital and now being referred to dermo specialists which I just can’t be dealing with. I have high hopes for perspi guard and I’ll leave another review in a few days. *please be good, please be good*

  47. Bloomin’ heck, it works! 😀

    Bloomin’ heck, it works!
    Let me tell you a little story; I have suffered from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) since my teens and I have tried *everything* to combat it as well as the BO that comes with it. I’ve tried OTC and prescribed meds with mixed results. They either don’t work at all, or the the sprays stings like hell and is unbearable to use.

    However, I gave this antibacterial wash a go after looking at all the positive reviews and I am glad I purchased it. Combine this with the Perspi-Guard Spray and Perspi-Rock Deodorant and I am BO and sweat-free for the day! Before it was embarrassing smelling of BO, you could shower as much as you wanted but it would always come back, but with this Body Wash, it eliminates it altogether. Amazing! It doesn’t smell clinical or anything, it just smells…neutral I suppose. Even though this comes in a 200ml bottle, this will last me ages since I only need to dab a wee bit under each armpit when showering to eliminate body odour. Big thumbs up!

    Will I buy this again? You bet! I have my confidence to go out in public without embarrassment again, yay!

    If you suffer with hyperhidrosis and BO as a result, you know how debilitating it can be, so I really recommend you give this a go 🙂

  48. Brilliant

    A really effective deodorant and antiperspirant without toxic aluminium with a really pleasant scent

  49. I no longer have to worry about what fabrics I wear or showing throughout the day anymore. This product is truly amazing. I am dry and odour free all day, every day.

    It really works!

  50. changed my life within a couple of days

    Hi there,

    I felt I had to write to tell you about the product I bought from you called ‘perspi-guard’.
    This sounds melodramatic but it has changed my life within a couple of days.
    For about a year I have suffered with dampness on my under-arms. I have used every single thing that you can buy over the counter for this problem but nothing worked. I was one step away from making an appointment with the Doctor but I thought i would give this a go. It started working the morning after the night that I applied it.
    I can not thank you enough. You have made a big difference to my life.

  51. Life Changing Product

    I just wanted to email you and tell you what a life-changing product this is. I can wear whatever I like without having to worry about wet patches! I would definitely recommend this product and will be buying again in the future. Many thanks

  52. Will never use anything else!!!

    I would just like to say that this product changed my life, I could never wear bright colours out because of sweat rings and was always paranoid when I was out, I will never use anything else.

  53. Thank you so much

    I just wanted to let you know that your Perspi-guard product has changed two more lives beyond our wildest dreams.

    For 43 years I had no idea this excessive sweating was even a “problem” that was recognised and could be fixed. So I lived in black as a prisoner to moist cold miserable soggyness, constantly being told, you know you would look great in “red, blue, yellow, etc etc” and too ashamed to explain why I never wore those colours.

    People constnatlhy have grilled me over the years as to why I don’t try more colours, I took back some beautifully rich coloured shirts bought by my husband as a surprise last christmas as I knew I could never wear them. I know it was meant as a lovley surprise, but I was actually very upset about thisknowing huge sweat patches under the arms would spoil the effect he was hoping for!

    However when my 19 year old daughter became so tortured by having to wear her yellow COMET work shirt without a cardigan, terrified of the riducule of her work mates seeing her problem, I went online to see what could be done. I had not fully realised that she too was suffering the same problem, as like me, she had skillfully disguised the problem, again like me, she never wore colours but then you know what teenagers are like about black anyway, they all live in it!

    In desperation we considered cosmetic injection treatments as the only other possible solution we knew about, very expensive, painful and short lived, could we even afford it? However on researching the problem we found the “condition” even had a name “Hyperhydrosis” and of the possible solutions I was intrigued to hear of this Perspi-Guard product !

    Was it really possible that a life time of misery, hiding in black and ruining expensive suits could be solved so simply?

    Well we are both amazed and OH so RELIEVED to discover that it IS TRUE, and for a few pounds we can wear whatever we want and be freed from the inhibitions this terrible condition has forced on us.

    Well it’s nearly a month later and we are both more relaxed now and our wardrobes are starting to become home to a riot of exotic and bright colours, I am even wearing RED as I write this, for the first time EVER.

    We still find ourselves checking out the black items first on the rails and constantly checking mirrors to see that we really are not sweating, I guess that will stop eventually, you can’t change the habits of a lifetime overnight.

    So if you see a couple of females out wearing a rainbow of colour and assaulting your eyes, it’s only us making up for lost time!!



    I just wanted to comment on the above product and say how FANTASTIC it is. I always wore black, white or patterned tops, nothing colourful which would show sweat marks, but now I can wear what I like and wear I like. Its nice to get out of black in the summer

    thank you

  55. WOW

    I am just writing to say WOW…what a truly unbelievable product. After many many years of suffering excess underarm sweating even if standing out in the coldest weather i had given up hope of ever finding a product that would really work then I discovered Perspi-Guard.

    After ignoring application directions I applied it in the morning the usual way as with off-the-shelf products and found Perspi-Guard to be totally useless and thought “oh yeah here we go again another load of rubbish”. Not giving up I gave it another go and applied it as directed, which it would seem is very important, and couldn’t believe the results it keeps me dry for days it’s remarkable

    It may sound silly but I am truly grateful for the personal & social confidence your product has given me and I will recommend it 110%

  56. Fantastic

    I just wanted to say that your product is fantastic, I can’t believe it actually works. I really am amazed.

    I have tried so many products and prescription products and had no luck with them and had reactions to some of them, as a last resort I was meant to be having cosmetic injection treatment for my arm pits in June, but I don’t think I need it now, the Perspi Guard really does work. For over 10 years I have been suffering and always wearing black to hide the sweat marks , I just wish I knew about this before, I could have been a lot happier, a lot earlier.

  57. Changed My Life

    Hi, if I have already sent you half a message, I apologise. But I am so amazed with how effective your Antiperspirant is!!!! I am 39 yrs old & have suffered with excessive sweating since my teens. But after applying the product one night & going to work the next day, I was ex-static!!!! I didn’t have to change during the day & was completely dry for the first time in years. I know this sounds too good to be true, but my confidence has improved & I actually wore a t-shirt without a cardigan on, not something I would ever be able to do!!!
    I can now look forward to a summer of wearing nice tops & feeling confident.
    Thank you so so so much, I will be recommending your product to everyone I meet. You have really changed my life & I love my new look!!!!

  58. Thank you

    I just wanted to say thank you very much for helping me with my underarm sweating problem. This has been really bothering me for nearly a year now and was effecting my social life and my confidence. With your products, I no longer have a problem and feel over the moon with my new found confidence.
    Thanks again.

  59. Perspi Guard Antiperspirant

    I wanted to thank you for giving me my life back! For many years now I have not been able to wear nice clothes due to heavy sweating. I was only able to wear black or white clothes made from natural materials. I searched for dress shields originally and found your site advertising Perspi-Guard. I have tried other similar products and not been able to continue using them due to severe skin irritation. I was skeptical of your product at first but after reading other peoples comments decided to give it a go.

    Within a couple of days the product arrived and I used it that night. I was overjoyed when I managed to keep the product on all night as I didn’t have any irritaion at all! I am so pleased with the results of Perspi-Guard I have bought some new tops (in lots of lovely colours!). It has changed my life and given me so much more confidence.

    I will, of course, be ordering some more Perspi-Guard in a few months.

  60. 100% recommended

    I use this product for special occasions(eg. Weddings/nights out) so i can feel comfortable in any outfit. I start putting it on a few nights before the day and do it every night up until. Fantastic product and great value for money 🙂

  61. unbelevievable

    so goood, stopped my underarm sweating straight away- however i do apply it every night and it does itch a bit but other than that i don’t sweat anymore!

  62. Excellent goods, speedy service

    I will definately recommend this site to my family and friends. The website was easy to use and the goods are excellent and great value for money. The service was impeccable and the goods arrive very fast.

  63. Brilliant service

    Been ordering from this site for a couple of years now. Never been let down once. Dan

  64. 5 stars says it all

    Very easy to use website & prompt delivery to Ireland!

  65. Great service and products does what it said

    I have been using Perspi-Guard for number of years. The delivery was fast and products working.
    I would recommend this products to anyone whose suffer from excessive sweat,worth to have a go.

  66. Excellent

    Excellent products, a friend recommended this to me and I’ve never looked back.

  67. Wow unbelievable product

    After trying many products on the market to alleviate the horrid underarm sweating caused from going through the menopause!

    I can honestly say that after using this product I have been sweat free for the first time in years!!

    It has helped hugely with confidence as I can now wear clothes that I would never have been able to before without huge restrictions and embarrassment.

    One very happy lady!!!!

    I would recommend this company 100% and the product the same!!!

    Thank you

  68. Wow unbelievable product

    After trying many products on the market to alleviate the horrid underarm sweating caused from going through the menopause!

    I can honestly say that after using this product I have been sweat free for the first time in years!!

    It has helped hugely with confidence as I can now wear clothes that I would never have been able to before without huge restrictions and embarrassment.

    One very happy lady!!!!

    I would recommend this company 100% and the product the same!!!

    Thank you

  69. Excellent smooth transaction

    Does exactly what it says on the tin! Would recommend buy in confidence. Products great, website user-friendly and delivery timeline as expected.

  70. Excellent

    A brilliant product and superb service!

  71. Great Product

    This product is really worth a try. You have to massage the spray well into the skin to work, but it really does. I would recomend this product and it is good for sensitive skin as well.

  72. It really works I’m really happy!

    Dear your team

    Thank you for delivering my order. It really works!!!! I’m really happy and pleased!

    I’ve been looking for this and can’t find it anywhere. At last I found your website. First I was not sure to buy a product from you, I read lots of recommendation comments. I bought it and tried it. No sweating and horrible odour!!!

  73. It improved my confidence

    I can now put on any clothing without wondering about sweat. I was using it every day at the beginning 3years ago because of excessive sweat but now I use it twice a week. You have to rub it in for it to work. It also gets rid of bad smell. I just love it and I will never use another product. You can use it even after shaving and it won’t irritate your skin. The delivery is also very fast even during busy months.

  74. It works

    I have been buying the spray for a couple of years and it is brilliant.

  75. Great service, great products, great prices

    Received my order very quickly, happy with product, recommended

  76. Amazing

    After suffering from hyperhidrosis for ten years and resorting to wearing only black and white, hating clothes shopping, being paranoid about sweat marks being visable and being embarrassed and self conscious, I found this website! I ordered the absorbent Tshirt and can honestly say its changed my life! I wore it for the first time under my lilac work top and after a hectic 14hour shift as a nurse, there was not a mark, patch or any sign of sweat! I was over the moon and have since ordered more! Genuinely feel like its changed my life and I’m now excited by shopping! Wish I’d found it sooner! I sent an email question and this was answered quickly and items arrived within a few days!

  77. Wow unbelievable product!

    After trying many products on the market to alleviate the horrid underarm sweating caused from going through the menopause!

    I can honestly say that after using this product I have been sweat free for the first time in years!!

    It has helped hugely with confidence as I can now wear clothes that I would never have been able to before without huge restrictions and embarrassment.

    One very happy lady!!!!

    I would recommend this company 100% and the product the same!!!

    Thank you

  78. Excellent smooth transaction & Great product

    Does exactly what it says on the tin! Would recomment buy in confidence. Products great, website user-friendly and delivery timeline as expected.

  79. Excellent

    A brilliant product and superb service!

  80. Good service and products

    Impressively fast delivery and good service.


    This product is really worth a try. You have to massage the spray well into the skin to work, but it really does. I would recomend this product and it is good for sensitive skin as well.

  82. It really works Im really pleased

    Dear your team

    Thank you for delivering my order. It really works!!!! I’m really happy and pleased!

    I’ve been looking for this and can’t find it anywhere. At last I found your website. First I was not sure to buy a product from you, I read lots of recommendation comments. I bought it and tried it. No sweating and horrible odour!!!

  83. Impeccable

    I received my order in time, I had a link to track its journey, everything was amazingly quick and the customer service was already on call. Perfect, I recommend!



  85. This could change your life

    Hi, Just wanted to say a big thank you on the Perspi Guard I ordered. I have tried just about every brand of anti perspirant out there with little success in keeping me dry, that was until I ordered Perspi Guard.

    I’m on day 3 now since applying it once and still keeping me dry, even after showering!
    All I can say is if you sweat a lot and nothing else is working this could change your life as it has changed mine.

  86. First class service

    Item received swiftly and extremely pleased with product , couldn’t recommend enough, cheers

  87. It improved my confidence

    I can now put on any clothing without wondering about sweat. I was using it every day at the beginning 3years ago because of excessive sweat but now I use it twice a week. You have to rub it in for it to work. It also gets rid of bad smell. I just love it and I will never use another product. You can use it even after shaving and it won’t irritate your skin. The delivery is also very fast even during busy months.

  88. Great service as usual

    Tried and tested product, thats why i came back and service second to non.

  89. Perfect

    No reservations, I would recommend this company to anyone.

  90. Great

    I honestly didn’t think this would be as effective as it is. I can now wear what I like without the fear of wet patches. It can sting a little at first and can cause a little redness but seem to resolve after a while. I would defiantly recommend this product to anyone that sweats excessively

  91. Product is good, shipping was slow

    Products are the best out there. I just don’t like paying for “Express Delivery” when it still takes 3 days to arrive

  92. Never found anything that worked so well

    I have always suffered with excessive sweating, I would get so embarrassed by sweat marks, I use to have to change my top 2-3 times a day, Then i was introduced Perspi Guard.
    I absolutely love it. After the first use I noticed the difference, It has kept my sweating completely under control, I don’t need to change my top at all during the day now .
    Will be making another purchase.

  93. At last!

    What can i say. Although not a bad sweating person, i got fed up of having to change shirts every 3 months as the Sure deodorant made white marks under the arms. This stuff is brill. But, it did flipping burn under the arms, so be aware. it did stop after about a months use. My procedure – apply as directed to clean underarm, wipe any drips, then dry with a hairdryer so does not drip onto the arms (this is where it stung all night). I do not wear t-shirts to bed normally, but did after applying and this prevented it from stinging the sides of my chest and arms. It says do every 5 days, but i now do every Sunday night. If it stings, just start off with 2 sprays and build up. I then just spray ordinary deodorant every day, but just one small shot. I train at the end of the day (3 times a week in the gym) and do not sweat. BUY it if you suffer.

  94. Works

    does the job. slight itching but nothing too bad

  95. Works a treat

    LOVE this stuff! It’s amazing! Don’t sweat at all!

  96. Fab product

    Works perfectly, very impressed. No itching or side effects.

  97. It works!

    Works just like all the reviewers had said. I won’t be without it now!

  98. Average

    Bit stronger than normal antiperspirants but not as strong as it claims

  99. Good

    Excellent! Does the job! If you have very sensitive skin it may irritate!

  100. Five stars

    Absoluteiy brilliant stuff I hardly need to use it now and I’m sweat free.

  101. Great product

    Great. It does exactly what it is supposed to do. No sweat, no smelly feet.

  102. It works perfect

    it works perfect. I am free of smelling my body when I used this product. I am happy to say 5 star product this one.

  103. I used it once immediate effects

    I used it only once do far but efect was imediate! I could not smel anything for 4 days!! Will recomend it definitely 🙂

  104. a Fantastic Product. Finally feel comfortble

    A fantastic product, finally feel comfortable no excessive sweating and no longer have to layer up “just incase” 🙂 thank you

  105. Simply Amazing

    I know I’m going to sound like a machine when I tell you how this stuff has changed my life in the best way possible. I have suffered from embarrassing underarm sweat most of my teenage/adult life, and over the past few months it became unbarable. I’d sweat whilst being cold, through coats, whilst sleeping – all the time. It became ridiculous. Greys were forbidden in my wardrobe, and I had an increasingly large number of black clothes, always worn with cardigans to cover up the embarrassment. I got so fed up trying different ranges from local stores – I decided to try this stuff. I’d read plenty of reviews online to suggest it was brilliant stuff, but being skeptical, prepared myself for the worst case scenario – a tenner wasted. The money was definitely not wasted! It’s been 5 days since my first application and I haven’t sweat once. I haven’t had a single sweat patch, which feels incredible. I feel like a normal person again – able to wear grey (!), able to wear clothes without the fear or embarrassment. I am so much happier with my body, all thanks to this wonderful little bottle of joy.

    Do not doubt the brilliance of this product, it is definitely worth a try! You will not be disappointed.

  106. Perspi Guard

    Does what it says Has stopped me having horrible wet patches. Has given my confidence a boost. Would highly recommend

  107. Sweat no more

    I have bought this product for my teenage daughter who had up until she used this had a severe problem with underarm wetness which stained her clothes and she felt terrible. She wouldn’t go out with a white top on or without a jacket and was going through a tonne of deodorants costing me a small fortune. Now after using this she (3 times a week) she has her life back and enjoys going out again without having to think about what she wears plus she feels so much cleaner and fresher. Definitely worth the money.

  108. It really works

    This product really works for me. Dry armpits all summer long so no unsightly damp patches on my shirt when the sun is out or office aircon fails!

  109. amazing. I cant recommend this stuff enough

    In a word; amazing. I can’t reccomend this stuff enough. It really does work, and it really does work for days. I just wish it were easier to apply to my back.

  110. Brilliant

    It really does work. Since having hot flushes I have found I need a strong anti -persperant. This works brilliantly. I apply it every 5 days so it is more economical than it first seems.

  111. Love it

    Finally, after years of looking for something that would allow me to wear anything I wanted whenever I wanted – I found this product. Applying it once a week – and no sweat marks at all 🙂

  112. Good results

    Hi, I recently came across this product online a few weeks ago and thought I would purchase it.
    I have been having sweat problems since I hit puberty and tried anti-perspirants n deodorants which never worked. My hands and feet have started sweating over the months. No matter how much I shower or use deo. Nothing would work. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone or the doctor. I even looked at operations online that get rid of the problem, but afraid of that. Thank goodness for other online ..

    I would hide under dark clothing and cardigans. I felt it was only happening to me, but have seen others comments.
    I wouldn’t get close to anyone. Even at weddings I would try cover up with a scarf/shawl. I tried your product Perspi-Guard and the results were pretty good! but I am still getting a little bit of a sweat mark. But over all it has reduced . Maybe I did not massage it or spray properly. This has given me my confidence back.

    Thank-you to the makers of Perspi-Guard and to those that sell it. I wish I had known about this product 7 years ago, now I am 21. With this product I can finally live my life. Get close to the guy I want in my future. I think you should be ADVERTISING ON T.V AND OUTSIDE PUBLICLY seriously, because I am sure there must be more people out there who are suffering and have not herd of you. Once again, Thank-you so much.

  113. good product

    If you sweat get it!. I put it on at night once a week/fortnight after a shower. Then shower in the morning and apply normal deodorant then off to the world with not sweat mark! Means I can wear what I want and it doesn’t leaving yellow stains like the rest.

  114. Get it. Get it Now!

    If you sweat get it!. I put it on at night once a week/fortnight after a shower. Then shower in the morning and apply normal deodorant then off to the world with not sweat mark! Means I can wear what I want and it doesn’t leaving yellow stains like the rest.

  115. Best of it’s kind

    This is the ONLY treatment I’ve tried that actually works! It also doesn’t burn my armpits like other similar products have in the past. Absolutely love this stuff, and feel so much more confident when am using it. It lasts about 3-4 days before I have to reapply.

  116. Fab – wish I’d found this years ago

    Found this product a while ago and it last me approx 6 months as you don’t use that much. Fantastic and does exactly what it says. Wouldn’t be without it now – I have no further problems with underarm sweat patches on my clothes. Don’t hesitate to buy if you have an issue with sweat.

  117. fab product

    this is the second time i have bought this wish i had found it earlier, sorted out the problem straight away

  118. I suffer with excessive sweating

    I suffer from excessive sweating and this is the only antiperspirant that has ever worked. I can now wear shirts in colours other than white without worry about a wet patch. I have so much more confidence.

  119. Just works

    Was a bit sceptical before I bought it but it lasts for ages and does the job, no sweat 100% recoomendable

  120. Brilliant

    I was surprised at how effective this product was. After one application I noticed a huge difference. No sweat patches on Tshirts. I apply once every two weeks now, thats all that is necessary to control the persipration. Good on feet too

  121. Works for me!

    After reading the reviews for this item, I wondered if it really did do what it said or whether I would be wasting a tenner. I’m happy to say that I have been pleasantly surprised! After suffering the last few years with hot flushes and embarrassing marks on clothing under my arms, I wish I’d found this sooner. My whole wardrobe has gone from black or white cotton items to multicoloured!! I would highly recommend this to anyone. The first time I used it, I was a little uncomfortable under one arm but I’ve been a lot more careful with shaving, washing and applying the treatment, and I’ve had no problems since. Anyone thinking of giving it a go, I’d say yes!

  122. Great, A Life Changer!

    This Perspi guard has changed my life just wish i had found it earlier stops sweating and smell. For me it works for 3 days each time applied which is good as product lasts ages

  123. Hay

    A friend reccomended this and I was amazed by the results just by using the smallest amount and not even every day brilliant!

  124. Perspi Guard 50 ml

    super, nice, good, best. i am very happy get this thing. it really helps to be confident and comfortable all week

  125. Lovely

    Very satisfied!great customer service and the product is working as i always use it never dissapointed thank u very much

  126. Good product

    i suffer from severe sweating and this helps it massively. stings if you use to much but stops at least the bulk of sweat most days even in summer

  127. Excellent!

    This product works really well! I’ve tried others that burnt when you put them on, I’ve had sleepless nights and very sore and itchy skin. However, I have had no problems whatsoever with this product. No pain, no itching and no more sleepless nights. The seller sent the product swiftly and obviously it does what is said in the description. I will be buying this product from the seller again! 10/10

  128. Life Saviour

    I was skeptical about how this would work. The first time I used it, it only lasted about 3 days, but now it lasts around a week and a half – two weeks!!! Im a teenage girl, so having sweat patches was highly embarrassing and I chose what I wore around if i thought it would show sweat patches. I avoided light colours and tight clothing, but now using perspi-guard i can wear whatever i want and dont need to keep checking the pits for marks! Especially as it lasts so long it means I just need to put it on again when im noticing im sweating a bit in the day. Its a life saviour!!! When I put it on it does make my armpits slightly tingly/itchy but not enough to stop me falling asleep.

  129. It works

    This works well for heavy sweaters. No other anti-perspirant has worked as for me. I would recommend you give it a go

  130. Worth trying

    Really helps control perspiration, but does not stop it completely of course. Worth trying if you have an issue with excessive sweating.

  131. Fantastic product!

    Really effective and much gentler on the skin than previously tried products. Lasted a full 5 days. Excellent – would highly recommend.

  132. It works

    I’ve been suffering with persperation problems for a while now especially under my arms, trouble is once i notice it’s there it makes me sweat more. Applied Perspi Guard last night before bed and today I’m as dry as a bone. Will definitely buy again.

  133. It works

    Does slightly itch at times when drying, but I think I have sensitive underarms. I am not sure of the smell though, definitely more for females. Love the way you just spray it on, you only use a little.

  134. WOW!

    I can’t believe I have found this product. I suffer badly with excessive perspiration, it affects what I wear, how I behave and ruins my clothes. I have tried everything, or I thought I had. This worked for me the first time I tried it. I kept me dry for 5 days which is a miracle for me. Life changing.

  135. Great Product

    I have been using this product for around 2 years now and it really does work, I use it twice a week and its fab, as a female though be carful if you have shaved your underarms because it can irritate, so best to use at a different time to shaving.

  136. Incredible Product

    I stumbled across this product on Amazon purely by luck! I’ve suffered from hyperhydrosis since I was 15 and for the last 17 yrs I’ve tried various treatments – most leaving my armpits raw and not having any effect.
    PerspiGuard had some great reviews on Amazon and from the very first day of use there was no discomfort and it worked instantly. My confidence is now on the increase (as is my wardrobe).
    Thanks so much!!!!

  137. Ok product

    Can’t say I’ve noticed any improvement on my feet although hands are dryer. Disappointed it didn’t work as well for me as others but maybe it’s cos we’re all different? 🙁

  138. Absolutely Amazing!!

    This item is awesome! Not only did it arrive two days before the estimated delivery time but it actually works!! I applied it before going to bed and was a little worried since some people mentioned some reactions to it, but it was fine! A little tingly feeling at first but by morning it was perfect and I’ve had no problems all day! Absolutely awesome product! Definitely recommend it. It really does boost your confidence

  139. This.Is.Amazing!!!!

    I think this product has changed my life completely.
    I am one of these people who when I am nervous sweat buckets, some of the tasks i need to do in my current job make me nervous like public speaking etc. I could never wear certain types of clothing and would normally wear black. But after this everything changed. I just spray a little bit at night under my arms and just use normal deodorant through the course of 5 days.. nothing not one drop of sweat.. This stuff is amazing and I couldn’t live without it.
    It arrived very quick so i am so pleased!!!

  140. It really works

    I really used to worry about what to wear in case I ended up with wet stains under my arms. My meds tend to make me sweat. Now I can even go clubbing without worrying!

  141. You would love it!

    Very nice. You will not waste your money. Just try it and put your own comment. Definitely I would recommend!

  142. It really works!

    Wasn’t sure what to expect with this but, I was prepared to lose the money if it didn’t work because I was so desperate. I am so glad I gave it a go because for me it works brilliantly. I have been using it for a few weeks now and last week on the 3rd day (I was due to put some on again that night) I was working in 40 degree heat and I had just the smallest spots under my arms appear which was practically a miracle as everyone else (who don’t usually have an issue with heavy perspiration) were looking a lot worse off than me. I put it in on on Wednesdays and Saturdays and then wash/shower/bathe as usual and use a regular deodorant daily like a normal person. First time using it I did have a small irritation but nothing much and I haven’t had it since. Can’t recommend enough and if like me you are getting desperate and embarrassed then it is not too expensive to give it a try and if you work it out because it lasts a long time (at least a few months I am guessing at maximum dose, longer if you don’t need to use the max dose like I do) it is actually no more expensive than regular deodorant. I am just so glad I tried it and I will be sticking with this from now on.

  143. Brilliant

    Worth every penny, irritated only slightly the first two applications then nothing since…but dry and odour free from first application!! My teenage son uses it now too…

  144. So good I now have it on Amazon subscription

    it works – nothing else to say – have had no irritation – worked immediately and now wouldn’t be without it

  145. This really Works

    I was a bit dubious when I bought this but there was no need to be because it really works. Its fantastic, my husband has started to use it and I have recommended it to a few other people.

  146. Best £8 I ever spent

    I brought this because I was having trouble with underarm sweating and nothing was working so I would try anything to be honest but this truly works. I’m so glad I purchased it.
    As long as you follow the instructions to the letter and put it on at night before bed it works perfect.
    It smells a bit alcoholy at first but as soon as it’s dry you don’t notice it.
    You also may get a slight tingaling when you first apply it but again it soon passes within a few moments and it’s only very slight.
    I couldn’t live without it now.

  147. its OK

    This product did reach to me quickly and did work for few days but after that it has stop working


    Absolutely superb product. Has worked very well and does exactly what it says it does. Would recommend to anyone who has problems.

  149. SWEAT-B-GON

    Seriously, I LOVE this stuff… I had been ‘suffering’ with sweaty pits for a few years now, pretty much thought it was relatively normal, although it doesn’t help that my office is very warm. Anyway, I tried all sorts of regular “48 hour” protection anti perspirants on the market, nothing worked…ever. I was on the verge of going to my Doctor, when I Amazoned this stuff. Have a shower, dry off and spray it on and rub in before bed, (allows it to properly absorb whilst you sleep), its ever so slightly irritable but nothing you can’t handle, (tingly, very minimal itchy sensation), then off you pop to the land of nod. Wake up the next morning, take a shower as normal, (maybe not quite as thorough a clean under the arms as you might usually), and hey presto! I wore a flippin’ GREY t-shirt, fitted at that… not a drop of the old sweaty pits. Unbelievable… Very pleased.

    Some people on here moan about the price, but to be honest, it works 20000% better than ANYTHING I’ve ever tried, so in my eyes, its an absolute steal.

  150. Works wonders

    I have used this before and it is the only antiperspirant to work. I placed my order, the price was right and the product arrived when stated.

  151. Amazing product

    Such an amazing product… After trying driclor and being fed up of having burns all the time I came across this. It is a lot stronger than your normal antiperspirant but is gentle enough for me to use 3 or 4 times a week. It keeps me perfectly dry – no more unsightly sweat marks of ruined clothes!

  152. Great ! Would highly recommend

    really like this product as it keeps me dry all day even in very hot weather and when exercising. Another benefit is that it does not sting or irritate the skin like Driclor does. The spray is easy to use compared to a roll on product and I find using this weekly provides the best results.

  153. Five Stars

    good stuff

  154. 5 Stars

    Highly recommend this deodorant. It has made such a difference to what I wear!!

  155. This stuff really does work .

    This stuff really does work .

  156. Not for me

    Have applied this a few times and found it to be lacking. At no point has it really reduced my sweating, despite following the guidelines closely and applying it the night before. May work for you, so don’t be entirely put off, but it didn’t work for me.

  157. I sweat no more!

    There are few things more embarrassing than turning up to work with huge wet stains under the arms your nice clean shirt or catching an ever so slight whiff of yourself and wondering if anyone else can notice it too…..even though you showered that morning and had a good scrub down.

    I’ve perspired heavily since my mid teens, I’m not unfit or over weight, I don’t have to be doing something strenuous or in a warm environment (I even perspire in the middle of winter when I’m cold), I just perspire all the time and no 24 hour protection antiperspirant is up to the task.

    I’d recently started a new job that required a 45 minute walk to get there and I was now desperate because I was having to change my shirt at work due to the state I was arriving in. I was actually looking on the internet for cosmetic injection treatments or surgical solutions when I came upon an advert for Perspi Guard and despite my doubts I thought it was worth a try.

    I followed the instructions and sprayed each under arm twice then rubbed the liquid around the under arm area before turning in for the night. I did feel a slight itchy feeling but it was mild and didn’t last long.

    The following morning I showered as normal and sprayed myself with my usual antiperspirant, dressed and went to work. I was sure it hadn’t worked because I still felt sweaty and clammy but as I changed into my work shirt I was amazed to find my under arm bone dry. The same was true through out the day right up until I walked home and I found a small wet patch under my arms.

    Never quite believing the 5 day protection claim anyway I was still pleased and applied it again that night and once again arrived at work with a dry under arm, plus I stayed dry after my walk home even though it was 26 degrees outside!!

    I applied it again that night with equal results and again the following day. That night however I decided to see how long the result would last so I didn’t apply any more. I was still dry 3 days later but that night it seemed to be wearing off so I applied more.

    Now a week later I’m pleased beyond words. We’ve enjoyed some really nice weather this week with temperatures up to 28 degrees and I haven’t been let down once. I’ve even stopped wearing antiperspirant and now wear a deodorant that I chose simply because the smell was nice.

    It took a little time but this stuff really does work. I just wish I knew about it sooner because it’s made such a difference already. I’m not able to get 5 days protection from it but 3 days is a miracle for me so I’m not complaining.

    I’d definitely recommend this, 5 stars isn’t enough in my opinion.

  158. I bought it and was glad I did!

    I was a little dubious after reading some reviews about itchy armpits. I bought it anyway and can say I’m glad I did. As long as you apply at night as the instructions tell you. I found that I only need to apply 1 per week even though I do a zumba class 3 times a week. I would definately recommend this!!

  159. Works for me

    I am pleased that this product has worked very well for me. Only on the rare occasion has a small itch occurred that lasted momentarily – possibly a reaction to using a deodorant. I run 40k a week and my armpits are as dry as the Sahara desert. Also my shirts are bone dry when dealing with anxious scenarios. The product has lasted 4 months so far, I probably have 2 weeks left in the bottle – I use it twice a week with 3 sprays per armpit, so I can say its value for money.

  160. you have nothing to lose!

    I have been suffering with excessive sweating under the arm pits for many years. Having probably tried all of the antiperspirants that exist out there with little or no success I looked for more powerful ‘over the counter’ type products such as Perspi Guard.

    I can confirm that when used twice a week as recommended, it really does hold the sweat back! After years of wearing morbid darker coloured polo t-shirts and complete avoidance of any shirts, now thanks to Perspi Guard I can finally wear the lighter coloured clothing that I have been longing to wear.

    It must be said however, the high concentration of Aluminium Chloride in this product (which can be found in most antiperspirants) will make your armpits feel like they’re on fire for the first couple of sessions. This will subside with prolonged use. The initial discomfort however is a very small price to pay for the increased self-confidence that this product will bring.

  161. A product that actually works!

    My teenage daughter has always perspired a lot and Doctors attributed the “condition” to her hormones and “part of growing up”. We have tried so many products to stop the perspiring and also the sweaty smell and this is the ONLY one that has worked. Would thoroughly recommend it!!!!!

  162. Amazed by results

    I was incredibly suspicious of this product. I’ve used a number of off-the-shelf ‘Max Strength’ products in the past, which work a little, but never really stopped me sweating.

    After the first time applying this product my arms were completely dry for a whole week. The recent weather has been very hot, so I’ve still been sweating normally in other places… but my arms have been completely dry.

    I also bought some underarm ‘garment shield’ pads, but I haven’t even needed to use them.

    Also has the approval of my wife, who has been amazed by the results when she used it.

  163. Absolutely amazing

    Wow, I cannot believe I have finally found something that works. I have been troubled with leaky armpits since as far back as age 13. It was always extremely uncomfortable, embarrasing and restricting. I was affaird to wear light colours, affraid to wear tight tops, always concious of wet patches. It basically ruled what I did and what I wore. I had tried almost every product I could find and nothing worked for me…..I was beginning to think it would be something I would just have to live with. Then I found this Persi Guard advertised on the internet and I decided to give it a try. When it arrived I opened it, followed the instructions and waited to see. I was extremely sceptial as nothing else had worked for me before, however this stuff worked straight away….Ive been using it a week now, in hot weather, at work, doing my day to day tasks and wearing tight clothing and to my utter joy it is working….it has changed my life !! Thank you …….

  164. i have used this product for a while now and its the best thing i could have bought

    I’m not over exaggerating, this product is simply amazing! I used sweat by the bucket load even when it wasn’t even hot, then I used this product and the next day I could feel difference, no sweat patches at all. I always used to feel embarrassed and had to wear a few layers so no one would notice the sweat, now I don’t need to worry about it at all. Cannot thank it enough!

  165. Excellent product

    this antiperspirant is fantistic , i have tried numerous products but nothing stopped my unsightly underarm sweating but this is amazing ! i apply it twice a week and don’t use anything else and no sweating at all or no odour , it is great to go into my wardrobe and not have to decide what shirt i must wear so my sweating wouldn’t look too unsightly , now just grab and go ! thank you perspi guard

  166. Highly recommend

    Very good.. it works very well to me, I recommend this to anyone. Package arrived quickly. Excellent product. I will buy again when it runs out

  167. Excellent

    using perspi guard you no longer have the unsightly underarm sweat stains, so I would recommend it to anyone whom sweats a lot.

  168. Great product

    Works very well, to the point where you will not need to wear antiperspirant. I would recommend to any one.

  169. Great stuff

    Best antiperspirant I have ever tried, does what it says. Would definitely recommend to anyone especially suffering from hot flushes.

  170. Good stuff

    have used this product for may years then all of a sudden it was extremely popular. Does exactly what it says no complaints whatsoever highly recommended

  171. i recommend

    The best product ever! Its really works well. I used like two times in a week and no swet.. I love it

  172. Great product

    The only product I have found that works. It’s easy to use, doesn’t burn the skin and lasts for days.

  173. Good Stuff

    I think it works and I use it no more then twice a week! Even though weather got hotter now my feet are not as sweaty as they were. Dont get me wrong if you put rubber boots nothing will help but for everyday use I think this stuff is great. I would give 5stars only if it was a bit cheaper.

  174. Amazing

    Used 3 sprays under each arm and it lasted just over two weeks. This product is a must have, Amazing!

  175. It Really Does Work!

    I’ll be brief because there is only so much you can say about an antiperspirant that does what it says it does. This one is applied at bedtime ( the instructions are quite specific about this) to clean skin. The following morning, and on subsequent mornings, you can shower as usual without the need to reapply the product. It ls effective for 4-5 days before you have to repeat the process. A word of caution, do not apply to recently shaved skin or anywhere you might have a cut….it hurts like hell and for a very long time afterwards!

  176. Working

    I’ve been suffering by an extensive perspiration for more than 8 years, and have tried lots of different products, different brands etc.
    Looks like my fight has come to an end.
    At last 🙂

    Used it before going to bed and it stopped the perspiration for good 4-5 days as advertised. Need to apply on a dry, non-iritated skin and no itching will occur as you can maybe read below.
    I think I can say it’s the best product I’ve tried.

  177. Not amazing but reassuring

    Not sure what I think of this. Had it for some weeks now.
    The first time it was fab, didn’t sweat at all for the next few days – it felt very hot and tingly as if I was (weird feeling!); but dry. Usually just my normal fast walking into uni would leave me sweaty and gross even with the stronger anti-persp (Mitchum women)

    It does sting if freshly shaved, but don’t even try itching or you won’t stop.
    Personally, this lasts ~2 days and the 3rd day it’s wearing off. Have to use 3x week or 2 if I’m not doing much (not 1-2 as said)
    Seems to run out quickly – also I do use it on my forehead and it is fine there! Works great, as well as underarms and chest. Not so well on hands.
    Obviously only helps so much with proper exercise, more excessive sweating than usual if you keeps me a lot drier.

    Overall, would probably buy again if the alternate competitor does not work any better. Expensive but it is nice to not have to worry as much and be that weirdo walking round in a vest top in november with a sweaty head and smell :p Or if I stay out overnight and forget toiletries.

  178. I have suffered terribly on and off for years

    I wish I could tell you just how many products I have purchased that have turned out to be just another false promise! I have suffered terribly from underarm sweat on and off for years….I started a new job a month ago and the stress has made the sweat worse than ever 🙁 I’m constantly worrying about what I can wear that will hide the wet patches! I have even popped out on my lunch break to change or purchase a new top! I bought this product with high hopes but a strong belief it would be yet another disappointment…….but my gosh it works, I had a shower before bed 2 squirts under each arm, after a good nights sleep I showered and did not apply anything under arms (that was the hard bit!) after racing around dropping the kids off and rushing to work I was still bone dry …..unbelievable! I kept checking but nothing, all day at work and nothing, I’m still enjoying the freedom and I hope it lasts as I can now consider wearing what I want rather than just what will hide the wet bits….I’m so happy i could scream in delight a great weight has been lifted……and my arms can finally be free to move again 🙂 thank you, thank you! If you are reading this buy it! It worked for me I hope it works for you too!

  179. Dry now for the first time in a good while

    I have no shame in admitting that I am a prolific sweater of the underarm region.

    While this isn’t something I drop in to conversations with people I meet for the first time, I do think it can add to the pressure of being in a warm social environment and when making introductions or presentations etc.

    I have also found my choices of both material and colour of new clothes are influenced by whether or not they will show the stress induced sweat patches.

    I applied this nightly for the first 2 weeks and then every other day since and am now enjoying dry underarms for the first time in a few years since I stopped using similar products due to the irritation and interruption with sleep that they caused.

    Compared to rivals Odaban and Driclor among others, I find this ever so slightly more expensive as it doesn’t seem to go as far however this is much more useful to me as it causes a significant amount less irritation when applied before retiring to bed. In fact it is pretty much negligable in that regard and hence it gets used more.

    5 stars based on effectiveness, speed of delivery and price when taking into consideration the stress reduction it causes and the freedom when buying shirts for work, sports and socialising.

  180. One of the best products ever created for its purpose

    Well, I do get excessive sweating under my armpits and have tried all sorts of products in the antiperspirant line from sprays to roll-ons. None ever worked. I would sweat alot for no particular reason during the day at work in a fairly warm environment. I read positive reviews on this product and decided to get it about 4 months ago. I was fairly dubious about the effectiveness but i decided to bite the bullet and purchase anyway!

    Low and behold, my underarm sweating has drastically reduced. The level of comfort this product brings is understated. Everyday i would have to hold my arms down by my side or show giant wet patches of sweat on shirts/t shirts and wearing anything other than black t shirts was a nightmare and the level of moisture caught in the area sticks and doesn’t tend to go away making it extremely uncomfortable. Since using the product, i have gone more confident about what i wear because i know i will be protected from excessive sweating. This product is almost a miracle cure for what it does. I cannot believe this isn’t a more mainstream readily available product.

    I have tried to apply this product at varying times and situations. Their claim that this only tends to work at night appears to hold up. It does work if you apply in the morning but nowhere near as effective as when applied at night – do not apply this in the morning unless you really need emergency and immediate protection because it will not be as good. I have also found that the more you apply, the more effective and longer this will last (without sounding like stating the obvious too much) I would spray 5-6 times on each underarm which will allow me 3-5 days protection though you can feel by the 5th day, this gradually loses it’s hold, it still stops the sweating. I have also found that showers and shower gels do not seem to effect the product and in fact if you have regular morning showers, it seems to boost the effectiveness compared to not washing under arms (I am not sure how this works but it definitely does for me)

    In terms of the level of protection, it is not completely perfect but near enough. I would say for the first day, my under arms are generally bone dry. The second day usually has the same outcome. Day 3-5 you generally notice a little more moisture with each passing day but still enough to feel comfortable (I used to sweat bucket loads and felt drops of sweat dripping from under my arms and i have never experienced a single drop of sweat since using Perspi Guard) The moisture experienced during the dying days of the product is more of a slightly sticky moist feeling rather than constant dripping sweat so even in the 5th day although the protection wears off, it’s still protecting you from that massive sweat loss and keeps it to a minimum

    In terms of side effects, I have never experienced any stinging, pain or discomfort that others have experienced but then i don’t tend to shave under my arms anyway. Generally the stuff will dry into a very sticky feel when first applied at night. Although not painful or particular discomforting, it feels extremely sticky under the arms for the first few hours which then quickly disappears upon awakening from sleep. Once the morning comes and you wash under your arms, you do not feel the product there of the sticky sensation at all.

    Overall i couldn’t be happier with this product and wish i found out about this earlier and still trying to perfect the best way of applying it – when and how much for effectiveness and a cost saving element. I have used a full bottle in about 4 months (and possibly used more than i even needed to) and currently just on my second bottle now. The 50ml bottle usually hovers around the £8 – £12 mark so works out at £2 per month based on my usage which is amazing. I always use this product in conjunction with a deodorant as deodorants do not interfere with the product and would say that Perspi-guard is the most important product i have ever had and always rely on this to protect me from underarm sweating. Rarely have i reviewed a product on amazon but felt that people needed to know that this product is that good and urge anybody else who suffers from excessive underarm sweating to try this stuff and it doesn’t even break the bank.

  181. Converted!

    I was advised to try this product and I am very happy to say I will never buy a spray deo again, I use it every 5 days and have not had a problem for weeks now just a spray of perfume is all that’s needed & the dust around the bedroom & bathroom has all but gone Buy Buy Buy !!! being asthmatic this is also a great help !

  182. Excellent when used correctly

    Perfect for those who need an antiperspirant stronger than those usually available in shops.

    This will stop me sweating profusely in most circumstances during my day.

    The box claims that one use will last a week but that isn’t true for me. I find once every 2-3 days is enough. I also have to take a break eventually as it becomes damaging to my armpit skin.

  183. fantastic product

    This antiperspirant treatment was recommended to me by a friend after I complained that ‘Driclor’ stung after application, and it is absolutely great. I use it a couple of times a week after my morning shower and it doesn’t sting, you can use it on your armpits, feet, the junction of your things, in fact most places you sweat (sensitive areas and cuts sting, so don’t use directly after shaving) and it keeps you dry and odour free… it doesn’t smell but you can use it with a normal body spray so you still smell gorgeous and you don’t have to worry about sweat marks on your clothes ever again!

    I have mine sent on repeat order from Amazon, a bottle every three months.. they inform me that delivery is on its way so I know the money is going to be debited from my account, I never have the hassle of running out and having to brave the large cosmetic stores and consequent queues and it’s discounted because it’s a repeat order… brilliant! I really can’t recommend this product enough…

  184. Perspi Guard

    Excellent product, it works. Finally I have found out good product and I haven’t problem with sweat. I put them only once a week.

  185. This is AMAZING!

    I was quite worried about using something like this, previously having used driclor and how painful that was I was not optimistic. I have to say this has kept me dry and has not irritated my skin at all! Well worth a buy.

  186. Literally life changing!

    I hate to sound like a fanboy but this has literally changed my life.

    Without sounding too gross, I suffer with hyperhidrosis in my palms and even my fingertips glisten with sweat on the coldest day. When people extend their hand to shake mine, I die a little inside as I know that refusing would be weird so I have to let them suffer the slime shake. Gross, I know. Even using my iPhone is a challenge as I have to wipe the screen on my t-shirt every time I want to use it.

    But not any more. After just ONE USE of perspi-guard, sprayed onto clean hands before going to bed, I had about 3-4 days of loverly powdery dry hands! If you’ve not suffered with hyperhidrosis you might not appreciate how much of a relief this has been but trust me, it has been lovely.

    Now I’ve tried other products, namely Dri-Clor, which stung like hell when using and barely offered noticeable results, but Perspi-Guard had no such effect. The only thing I would note is that the skin on my hands felt quite tight in the morning but that went away when I washed them.

    In summery, if you suffer with extremely sweaty palms, get this product RIGHT NOW. In the first week, you’ll probably use it 2-3 times and then after that you’ll likely go down to once every 1-2 weeks. Enjoy.

  187. I have suffered terribly from underarm sweat on and off for years

    I wish I could tell you just how many products I have purchased that have turned out to be just another false promise! I have suffered terribly from underarm sweat on and off for years….I started a new job a month ago and the stress has made the sweat worse than ever 🙁 I’m constantly worrying about what I can wear that will hide the wet patches! I have even popped out on my lunch break to change or purchase a new top! I bought this product with high hopes but a strong belief it would be yet another disappointment…….but my gosh it works, I had a shower before bed 2 squirts under each arm, after a good nights sleep I showered and did not apply anything under arms (that was the hard bit!) after racing around dropping the kids off and rushing to work I was still bone dry …..unbelievable! I kept checking but nothing, all day at work and nothing, I’m still enjoying the freedom and I hope it lasts as I can now consider wearing what I want rather than just what will hide the wet bits….I’m so happy i could scream in delight a great weight has been lifted……and my arms can finally be free to move again 🙂 thank you, thank you! If you are reading this buy it! It worked for me I hope it works for you too!

  188. Try it – there are a lot of fans of this product out there

    Free at last, no more embarrassing damp patches, no more keeping my arms at my sides! Freedom in a little bottle.

    Over the years, I’ve tried them all, with varying results. Most were too severe and literally burned my underarms raw. It was either the pain, no sleep or putting up with that problem we suffer from. BUT, tried this after reading the reviews from other folk in my position and haven’t looked back since!

    First time I put it on, no stinging, no pain, nothing. I was sure it hadn’t worked. The treatment was that mild! Now after several months of use, I only need to apply ever 2 weeks or so. No more changing shirts during the day, no more fear of people stepping away from me. It’s that good, please try it yourself. Only few tips would be to actually rub in the spritz of fluid into your skin, it really does last longer. And goes without saying, leave at least 24 hours after you shave!

    So try it, what have you got to loose, the bottle will last for months, so it’s money well spent folks.

  189. Brilliant product

    brilliant product. have been using for about two weeks now and the difference is amazing, no longer do i feel self conscious. wish i had found it sooner

  190. All my sweat problems are solved

    I sweat so much, it was awful, I used to have sweat patched the size of a football, they did not smmell though. It is pretty good, I spray it every night and I have used it for 6 months now. Using the product I never used to sweat, recently I sweat a little, but it is a dampness and isn’t noticeable. Sometimes when I sweat a little it smelt a bit, so I got the same brand body wash and all my problems are solved. I am very happy.

  191. Five Stars

    Would highly recommend

  192. works a treat – bought another

    does the job. slight itching but nothing too bad

  193. Amazing product

    Amazing product for those situations where your nerves can get the better of you and cause sweat patches when you want doen’t want them. Gives you real confidence.

  194. Absolute life saver!

    I don’t normally write reviews.. But I must say this is an absolute life saver! I’ve suffered excessive sweating ever since I was a teenager I’m now 26! For years I’ve had to resort to dark clothes due to damp patches which has been a real strain having to always only wear dark clothes! After using nearly every product on the shelf, I was skeptical at first using this, but it works wonders! First time I tried it I kept checking to see if I was sweating, but nothing.. Hello bright coloured wardrobe!

  195. Only products that work

    Incredible stuff love it, tried a lot of other products (rightguard antiperspirants etc), was always sad spending money of things that promised the world but never did. Perspi guard is the only thing that does and i really hope its around for a long time.

  196. Best buy, get it quick

    Excellent purchase. I was a bit dubious until I tried it. It actually works and you can see and tell the difference. It lasts 3 day as opposed to 5 days and I will continue to use it.

  197. I’ve got those happy feet, those happy happy “Dry” feet

    My hand and feet sweat in the summer and it makes it impossible for me to wear sandals as my feet kept slipping out of them. I was embarrassed to shake hands because of the sweating.
    I was checking online to see if there was anything that could help and came accross perpsi guard. Presto it works no more sweaty hands or feet. Would highly recommend

  198. Fast delivery. excellent product

    Does exactley what it says. Since using it ive never sweated at all. Confidence has gone up as able to wear short sleeves and dont have to wear w layers to hide sweat patches. Had a little irration but cleared up quickly. Would recommend this product as its so highly effective.

  199. Brilliant product, no more sweat!

    Arrived within three days of ordering on Thursday afternoon but with work pattern waited until Friday night before applying, showered as normal Saturday morning, had no sign of sweat all day. Normally sweat within half hour of applying normal antiperspirant and doesn’t stop till night time but I couldn’t believe my arms were dry all day after one application, didn’t apply Saturday night and Sunday was no different, dry all day, applied it again Sunday night for work and Wednesday and have had no sign of sweat since. Slight irritation after first two applications but nothing since. Brilliant product and made me feel much more comfortable and confident in a t-shirt knowing I can lift my arms up and not worry about any sweat patches, I can’t recommend product enough and it is worth every penny. I sweated a lot and for it to stop altogether you need to try it to believe it. I did.

  200. The best service and products! 5 stars all the way

    Ordered online lunchtime Wednesday and delivery was the following day! Tried the perspi guard antiperspirant that night and have been dry for days! I am sooo excited about this product and the new wardrobe options it has given me. Its the first tie I have not had to worry about sweat marks since I was a teenager.

  201. The best anti perspirant ever!

    This stuff is brilliant. I am a 43 yr old female and after having children my body changed and I began to sweat excessively. I have tried every product on the market and thIs is the only one that works.
    You only need to use a tiny amount and you stay dry and completely odour free all day.

  202. Great Service and products that really work

    In desperation after everything else had failed and nasty surgery appeared to be looming I found this company and these wonderful products. my daughter can now participate in her dance shows and classes without the embarassment of huge wet patches under her arms. futhermore if you need to speak to an expert there is always someone on hand who is knowlegable and willing to help in any way possible.

  203. Tried Everything.. Only spray that works

    Tried Everything.. Only spray that works

  204. Great company. Just the type of business you want to buy from.

    I have used this company for many many years. The company is outstanding and always delivers my order promptly and with no issues.
    Ordinarily I always receive the goods very quickly. On one occasion my parcel seemed to take longer than usual. I phoned the vendor and they sent me a new package that very day.
    The whole process is great. Easy to use website, very easy to order and prompt delivery. The products themselves are outstanding.

  205. Excellent Products!

    ) I found these products a few years ago and have always bought from this website….Excellent products and excellent service, always delivered quickly. Very good price.
    One very happy Son following years of misery!

  206. I would recommend this product to anyone

    The delivery for this product was super fast! Wore the product for work and not one sweat patch appeared!! I would recommend this product to anyone. Great value for money too!

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