What is Perspi-Guard Antiperspirant?

Perspi-Guard® is a highly efficient antiperspirant formula that comes in spray, roll on or pre-soaked wipes. Also available is an Odour Control body wash. It was first designed to combat excessive sweat, otherwise known as hyperhidrosis, and is now commonly used for all levels of sweating. Perspi-Guard® antiperspirants also help control unpleasant body odour that are caused by a bacteria in the body.

Why should I buy Perspi-Guard Antiperspirant?

Perspi-Guard® is a concentrated antiperspirant formula which is clinically proven to offer high levels of sweat protection for 5+ days from one application. It’s designed to normalise excessive sweat levels and work in the background to control underarm wetness and odours. Unlike many of it’s competitors, Perspi-Guard® is a gentle formula that does not irritate or cause pain upon application to dry skin. This antiperspirant is suitable for all skin types and levels of sweat from light to severe. This antiperspirant is fragrance-free and unisex, focusing solely on sweat control over cosmetic properties.

Can I use a regular antiperspirant or deodorant with Perspi-Guard?

Yes, absolutely!. Perspi-Guard antiperspirant® is non-fragranced and unscented. If you wish to use your regular deodorant, body spray or antiperspirant you may do so, but just ensure that you apply Perspi-Guard® at night, before bed to clean dry skin. In the morning you can wash or shower as normal and apply your scented products. Perspi-Guard® works quietly in the background normalising and controlling excessive sweat.

Who can use Perspi-Guard?

Just about anyone! Perspi-Guard® Maximum Strength Spray is suitable for adults and children over six years of age with the assistance of an adult. Younger skins will be more prone to sensitivity and this is a strong antiperspirant so please take care.

How to apply Perspi-Guard?

Perspi-Guard® antiperspirants perform best when applied on clean & dry skin at bedtime. Take a shower or wash area before going to bed, make sure skin is completely dry, then apply Perspi-Guard® directly onto your skin. That way, you will maximise the efficiency of the formula with up to 5 days of clinically proven dryness. Ensure skin is completely dry and do not apply immediately after shaving / epilation.

Is Perspi-Guard Cruelty Free?

Yes! Perpsi-Guard is cruelty free and free from animal testing. Furthermore, it contains no animal by products so is Vegan friendly.

Will this product sting?

If applied correctly and as instructed, Perspi-Guard should not sting or irritate the skin, however if you apply to wet skin, straight out of the shower or after recently shaving then you may encounter some irritation. Ensure the skin is clean and fully dry before you apply. If you have sensitive skin then apply a small amount first to check your skin’s compatibility with the product.

Where can I apply Perspi-Guard spray?

Perspi-Guard® Antiperspirant Spray is designed for the underarms, but can also help control sweating on palms of your hands, on your back and soles of your feet. These are the most common sweat areas we recommend to treat but you can apply Perspi-Guard® where needed on clean & dry (external) skin. You should test skin for compatibility first and always avoid the eyes.

Can I apply Perspi-Guard spray on the face?

Perspi-Guard® Antiperspirant Spray is not recommended for use on the face as it can irritate your eyes if the product is sprayed into the eyes. Perspi-Guard® Antiperspirant Wipes would be better suited for that purpose and offer a much more controlled application. You must spot test skin for compatibility first before a full applications and always keep it clear of the eyes. Night time application to clean (make up free) skin is required but you can top up if needed during the day.

How often should I apply Perspi-Guard?

It all depends on your sweat level. The formula is clinically proven to last up to 5+ days after one application but your skin might respond differently to it. Some will need to apply Perspi-Guard® more often and more frequent application is fine. Use it as you need to.

Where is Perspi-Guard made?

Perspi-Guard® is made in the UK by Avanor Healthcare Ltd. Avanor are an independent cosmetics producer and a family run and owned business. Our head office and processing facility is located at Unit 1a Wendover Road, Rackheath Industrial Estate, Norwich, NR13 6LH.

Can I use Perspi-Guard during pregnancy?

Perspi-Guard® is a cosmetic product and not a medication or drug and there are no warning or restrictions for its use during pregnancy.

How sustainable is Perspi-Guard?

We are always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment and actively seeks ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Some of the current measures we undertake include:

  • Our small concentrated bottles offer several months of protection and use no propellants.
  • Our production facility operates on 100% renewable energy.
  • 50% of our commercial vehicles are 100% electric.
  • Our facility is 100% fitted with low energy LED lighting.
  • The clear PET bottles we use are made from (PCR10) recycled plastics and can easily be recycled further.
  • Our bottles are sourced from a supplier located less than 30 miles away from our factory.
  • The cartons we use are from FSC sustainable sources and are fully recyclable.
  • Our cartons are printed just 9 miles from our factory, reducing our carbon footprint.

How does Perspi-Guard work so well?

Perspi-Guard has been engineered to offer the best possible sweat and odour protection, while being mild enough for regular use. It contains highly effective dual active ingredients in a unique combination along with skin conditioners and odour retardants that limit odour causing bacteria on the skin. It is clinically proven to last beyond 5 days. Our brief was to test the 5 days claim but the product was still offering high levels of sweat reduction when the trial ended after 6 days. Many of our clients apply just once per week!

Can I buy Perspi-Guard in Bulk?

We offer consumer packs ready to ship such as twin and triple packs. If you are a business looking to stock large quantities you can either order via our mainline UK wholesalers (Alliance Healthcare or AAH) or alternatively, please contact us today.