Perspi-Guard® Maximum Strength Antiperspirant Spray 30ml

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An exceptionally effective antiperspirant deodorant spray that only requires application once or twice per week.

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Strength Guide

  • The ultimate level of protection from sweat and odour
  • Concentrated formula= 30ml lasts the average user 2-3 months!
  • Apply at night before bed just once or twice per week
  • Antiperspirant Deodorant spray For underarms, hands and feet
  • Originally designed for Hyperhidrosis

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This is a maximum stren

gth antiperspirant and the strongest product we produce. Clinically proven to reduces excessive sweat for 5 days from one application.

Dual active formulation

Perspi-Guard® Maximum Strength Antiperspirant Spray is an exceptionally effective solution to excessive sweating. It ensures complete protection from both sweat and odour, whilst remaining remarkably gentle on the skin. This product’s concentrated formulation is so effective that it only requires application once or twice per week. Particularly effective on the areas most commonly affected by excessive sweating: under the arms, on the palms, and on the soles of the feet.

Specialist formula for hyperhidrosis

Originally created for sufferers of excessive sweating, also known medically as Hyperhidrosis. However, as it is so gentle on the skin, it is perfectly suited for non-sufferers too. Perspi-Guard® Maximum Strength Antiperspirant Spray is unscented, and designed for use by both male and female users of all normal skin types.

Cruelty-free, vegan friendly and eco-friendly

Perspi-Guard is not tested on animals, contains no animal byproducts and is vegan friendly.

We are actively working on greener ways to produce and distribute our product range and reduce our impact on the environment. Our small concentrated bottle is made from 10% PCR recycled material and is a high grade clear PET plastic which can be 100% recycled and reused. Our bottles and boxes are sourced from local producers who are located less than 40 miles from our own factory, reducing carbon emissions in our supply chain. Since 2020, our factory has been powered by energy from 100% renewable energy.

The 30ml product will last the average user 2+ months reducing monthly purchases of regular antiperspirants (and you can buy discounted multibuys to save on repeat shipping). It is a pump spray unit and contains no aerosol propellants or gases. Our cartons are printed from a local printers using FSC approved card and are fully recyclable. Customers can opt to ‘Go Green‘ and save money by choosing to have no box on their order (Enter code GOGREEN at checkout). Your bottle will ship in a 50% recycled postal bag that itself can be recycled. Please also see our new 100ml Eco-Refill Perspi-Guard bottles.

Product details

How to use

Apply at night before bed to clean, dry skin, spray 2-3 times ensuring good contact with the treatment area and allow to dry. In the morning wash or shower as normal, scented products can be used to provide fragrance. Apply 1-2 times per week or as required. Can be used on underarms, hands, feet or torso. Application on children (6+ years) should be performed by adults. Only apply at night. Allow product to dry fully before contacting fabric or bedding.


Alcohol Denat, Aqua, Aluminium Chloride, Aluminium Chlorohydrate, Glycerin, Allantoin, PEG-12 Dimethicone, Propylene Glycol, Triethyl Citrate.


26 September 2022

This is the best thing so far for me stopped the sweating under my arm and by my private. God knows this is a miracle for me in Jesus name


13 August 2022

This product was a game changer for me . I suffered with anxiety which would cause me to sweat more . This made work a nightmare as I had to wear shirts , I’d wear a blazer all summer to hide the patches . It was hell all summer till I came across this . Boosted my confidence, and was able to wear my shirt at work with no worries . Can’t recommend enough


31 July 2022

Absolutely brilliant,due to medication facial sweating WAS an embarrassing side effect.First use and gone😊.Tried other products that promised the same result,but no difference Absolutely brilliant highly recommend.


12 January 2022

The best thing I’ve ever purchased makes my life so much better thank you!!

Shivaprasad Sulibhavi

22 November 2021

I think it may help me


3 November 2021

I discovered Perspi Guard Antiperspirant Spray a few years ago and am using it for my armpits ever since. I need to apply it, I suppose, every 10 or so days. I apply it so rarely that I don't keep track any more how many days have passed since the last application. I apply it as advised, wash my armpits the next morning thoroughly. Usually, there is a little sensitivity on the gentle skin on the outside part of my armpits to which I sometimes then apply just a little bit of some rich baby cream, and need to do that mostly only after the night of application. The itchy feeling disappears the same day. I can not recommend this product enough, it has saved me so much of stressing around my armpits. Before I started using it, the other roll ons and the sweat would make me throw away my t-shirts and not to mention the worry of never being anywhere without the deodorant, never mind if it was summer or winter. So, Perspi Guard is actually saving me a lot of money I would otherwise be spending on a lot more products (50ml Perspiguard lasts me around 1.5 year) and t-shirts! Perspi Guard is one of three most awesome products that make my life so much easier, the second one is Mooncup and the third one is my home IPL machine :) In this time and age, it's so much easier to be a woman than our moms and grandmoms had it. I am so thankfull for it.


19 September 2021

Fantastic , brilliant, great! I have waited for a product like perspi guard for sixty years. At last I can wear silks ,satins and pure cottons, without the embarrassment of sweat stains. At last I don’t smell of B.O. two minutes after a shower. If only Perspi guard had been invented in the sixties.

Cheryl Baird

17 May 2021

This product did stop the excessive sweating. I applied as directed. However, I had a severe reaction causing a burn like rash, which needs medical attention.


14 March 2021

The best thing I ever bought - struggled with excessive sweating for years and the stuff changed my life!! No more sweat patches, no more yellowed shirts... cannot recommend more.



26 October 2020

Works This stuff works! I reapply every 4 days or so, and it really works! I don’t wear anything else, sometimes a body spray for scent. I haven’t had any stinging or skin reactions, I think it’s great!

D. L.

20 October 2020

I stumbled across this product by accident and absolutely love it; I can’t recommend it enough. Although I’ve fortunately experienced very few unpleasant symptoms during the menopause (and those I have had were mainly eliminated by HRT), the one thing that distressed me massively was the newly pungent ‘hormonal’ odour caused by even lightly sweating. I couldn’t bear the smell myself and it really knocked my confidence. Perspi-guard is an amazing product - I now use it once or twice a week and stay bone-dry and smell free. (Incidentally, I recommended it to my nephew who works long hours in a hot environment and he loves it too!) Definitely a game changer.

A Customer

22 August 2020

Life changer! I have confidence back A* Omg a life changer! I have hormonal temperature spikes all the time. Worried about what I could wear and constantly spraying in fear I smelt even though was told I didn't. This keeps me dry and odour free!! I'd recommend this to everyone over any deaoderants or anti perspirant.


31 July 2020

Brilliant Stuff As a chef working long days in a ridiculously hot kitchen I've tried all the usual extra strength anti perspirants. This stuff is AMAZING! I lasted 3 full 14hour shifts and got home bone dry.


25 July 2020



23 July 2020

Amazing This product is an absolute game changer, why didn't I know about this sooner! Luckily I read the reviews about making sure your under arms have to be super dry to apply it so it doesn't sting, so i wait about 10/15 minutes after my shower to apply. I just apply it twice a week and had no sweating or smell whatsoever


7 July 2020

Amazing! Got it Sunday haven't had to re apply yet and it's Tuesday!! It works amazingly well worth the cost!!!

Matthew Collins

10 June 2020

Brilliant! Amazing product significantly reduced my under arm sweating & no body odour after 2 uses & lasted a good week plus! I was dubious at first as other similar products did not work or was irritating to the skin but this has eased a lot of issues & anxiety. Thank you


8 June 2020

This really work well Since I stared using this I fixed my sweating problem!! Really happy


7 May 2020

Excellent I have suffered with excess perspiration for most of my adult life and nothing seemed to help. I was very wary about trying this due to the cost of it. I'm so pleased that I did. From the first application I have been dry. I use it twice a week. I would definitely recommend


17 January 2020

A miracle. Seriously a miracle! Since using this I don't sweat or smell. Amazing.


12 January 2020

Really works Brilliant does as it says highly recommended


14 December 2019

Oh Wow! Ok, so after reading reviews I thought I would give this a go! For year I couldn't find anything to help my sweating and B.O, I would sweat and smell of body odour like after 10 mins after showering. So this time after my shower I waited 10 mins, making sure under arms are dry then I sprayed twice holding from a short distance. Then put a jumper on that usually would make me sweat and smell. Every hour I would check to see if I can smell B.O but I couldn't!!!! Just smelt like soap. I'm shocked. And with my finger checked the to see if there's sweat..but nothing, just dry! This is mad. But fantastic!

A. Haydon

9 October 2019

A Drier Life I love this as it's great on my skin and does what it says.

M .Downs

29 August 2019

It actually works Just buy it. Honestly you won't regret it. I've had this a couple of weeks and have gone from feeling sweat running from my armpit down my body to being able to wear a light grey t-shirt without having to keep my arms down. I use it about every 4 days and it's genius. Wish I'd bought sooner.

G. Foley

14 August 2019

It works I tried Dryclor from the doctors and it didn't really work. So I took the gamble to try this and thought that with the 100% guarantee I had nothing to lose, well it did more than I had thought and it seriously worked. I like other just sweated under the arms, no where else and would be at any time, but now with 2 applications a week I'm dry and no longer need to wear jumpers to hide the sweat. If you have similar issues then give this a go, you wont be disappointed

SE Curran

23 July 2019

It Works I’ve put this on my face by spraying onto my hand first as it directs before bed with clean dry skin. Today I’ve been doing housework when it’s 30+ outside and although I’ve noticed some sweats from other untreated areas the treated area has stayed dry which is a miracle when I’m normally dripping


13 June 2019

Person Guard Been trying for months to find something to help with constant underarm sweating. Finally found a product that actually works. A couple of squirts twice a week is all it takes. I now have dry armpits and no more ruined shirts.?


10 June 2019

Life Saver This thing is like magic to me. I feel like someone did a little hocus pocus on my underarms. I sweat a lot in my underarms and for the first time ever I can lift my arms up without worrying about embarrassing sweat patches. This thing works so well. I use it 3-4 times a week at night. Then when I shower in the morning I just simply spray my body mist under my arms so I have a nice scent. Its only week one and I just so amazed that I’ve finally solved a rather embarrassing problem that’s plagued me for years


10 May 2019

IT WORKS!! I suffer with really bad sweat patches on my armpits , I can be cold and I’ll still have sweat patches. I bought this to see if it’ll help with sweating well last night I applied this wore my fav top that I never normally wear because I just sweat so quickly into it and I can honestly say that after wearing it all day I have not leaked any sweat from my armpits. So chuffed. There’s a bit of stinging and itching when I put it on but not enough to bother me. Love this product and will definitely buy again.


17 April 2019

A miracle! I was bought this as a gift - a little bit of an odd gift but I have always been self conscious about sweating and body odour which I seemed to be prone to despite showering every day and wearing deodorant + clean clothes. I have to say this is a miracle worker! On a normal day wearing this j dont sweat at all. When I go to the gym I will sweat but not smell which is what I was really worried about. I put this on twice a week and it works great. Th only draw back is a slight tingling sensation after shaving my armpits.


11 April 2019

Fantastic This stuff works! I’m in a shirt all day and as soon as I put my shirt on no matter what product I used no matter the weather outside I get sweat patches almost right away. Since using this I have not. My pits stay completely dry all day and all night. 2/3 sprays per pit lasts about 3 days and of course I shower in between without having to reapply. I used to burn through shirts really quickly due to staining in the pit areas caused by antiperspirant. Now my shirts obviously don’t stain as I don’t sweat a drop onto them. If you have found this product like I did then you have research for a wonder product not really expecting to find results. Well seriously people this stuff is amazing! I didn’t think it would work but my god is does!! It’s slightly uncomfortable to begin with but nowhere near as bad as having sweaty pits all day in the office. It almost feels sticky as opposed to painful but soon goes. Well and truly worth it! I will no longer buy anything else. Worth every penny. I’d pay £30 a bottle just to save the embarrassment so for £9 it’s a bargain!


23 March 2019

Absolutely Brilliant! Why did i not find this sooner!! I work in a hot environment and uniform showed sweat and deodorant marks, i tried lots of different anti perspirants and under arm pads to try to stop it, then i found perspi guard! Total game changer! Was sceptical when i applied it, the bottle seemed very small but you only need a couple of sprays under each arm before bed! Personally i dont need to re apply for at least 3 days!! Now i have confidence, and cleaner overalls!!.


14 March 2019

Life Changer!! I usually don’t write reviews but this product literally changed my life overnight. I suffer from excessive Palmer hyperhydrosis and I woke up bone dry for the first time in my 30 years !!. Absolutely incredible product. Trillion stars from me


28 July 2018

I had excessive armpit sweat for several years, I had been embarrassed and anxious about it at work or out with friends, I recently started looking on the internet for things that could help as I had tried several antipersperaints none helped, watch a few vidoes on utube about products that help, I looked a several on Amazon and decided on this one. All i can say is that it worked for me i spayed as directed before bed 3 squirts each side, the following day I was like this isnt going to work I put on a blue polo top that would always get big sweat patches when I was out however nothing i honestly could've beleive it, Im in UK at the mo and its super hot out and I walked around allday i kept checking in mirrors and doing pics on my phone and was amazed it was working. Im really pleased with this product its going to make a major difference in my life.


7 July 2018

It's magic, that's the only explanation Let me tell you, first of all...THIS STUFF WORKS!! I mean, it seriously works. Every single day my underarms were soaked with sweat before I could even get dressed, I tried all the anti-perspirants in the shops, nothing touched it. I had a look online saw this claimed to work and ordered. I applied it the first night after my shower, woke up in the middle of the night covered in sweat (this is standard) but felt under my armpits - BONE DRY!! I was in shock. The next day I went through the whole day with no deo/anti-perspirant, completely dry still. I reapplied every night for the first few nights just to be sure, but I can go a couple of days and I exfoliated my underarms too without reapplying and it's still flippin' dry! You might think 'why only 4 stars' well nothing is perfect and I have been a bit itchy where I apply it, and if you have sensitive underarms it does sting a bit when you apply after shaving (certainly not unbearable, don't let it put you off) but overall it is a very, very small price to pay to finally find something that works, and to have my confidence back! Please, please if you are unsure just give this a try, I don't think you will regret it!


2 May 2018

Fantastic product Having suffered for years since my teens with armpits that ran with sweat after 15 mins of coming out of the shower, ruining clothes after several wears, never being able to wear plain coloured dresses or shirts without dark damp patches showing after being on for ten nightmare. I used to only wear suit jackets on the way to the office then remove them and be cold for the rest of the day. Even when dithering in the office my armpits were still wetting my blouse. I used to wear vest tops on a sunny day with shoestring straps and nothing touching my armpits and they still ran. I used that much deoderant it was unreal but nothing stopped the flow. I found this product after researching sweat pads. I gave it a whirl and it’s a game changer for me. Followed the instructions to the letter. Apply at night, go to bed, wash or shower as normal the next morning and don’t reapply for about three days even though you have showered. I have not had wet armpits at all since starting using it. It very slightly tingled my armpits directly after applying. This settled down to the occasional itch the next day. What I did notice was that under the conditions when my armpits would have run they could feel strangely hot. It was a weird feeling at times but wasn’t constant and no wetness occurred at all. This product has opened up so much freedom to wear all types of clothes with confidence that it is worth putting up with an odd itch or warmth at times. 110% happy to have discovered this


13 October 2017


Great product, worked amazingly on my underarms but does anyone know if I can use this on my face? I suffer from excessive sweating on my forehead and upper lip.


2 September 2017


It's a good product but I would not buy it again as it didn't work as well as I wanted it to :(


25 July 2017

Amazing product

Can't rate this product highly enough, really does what it says. I have suffered for many years with constantly wet underarms and huge sweat patches which affected my confidence and was really limited what colours I could wear. Im one week in and can't believe how dry my underarms have been. If you suffer from this then I highly highly rate this product


31 May 2017

Way more then 5 stars!! Wow

This product changed my life I took the risk of ordering thinking Iv tried all sort why not try one more product and iam so glad I did ! My problem was solved this and the rock is amazing, thank you so much for making such a brill product at decent price ... you really did a lot for my confidence around people... great product


21 May 2017

Holy grail

I can honestly say that this product does what is says it does. I cannot believe that the solution to sweating comes in such a small bottle. Thank you Perspi-guard! If you're in doubt, go ahead and buy it, you won't regret it!!! 10/10


23 October 2016

Great Product

Echoing the other reviews I can not fault this product. Arrived and applied that night, from the next morning onwards no issues at all and remained dry all day. Applied twice a week as instruced and continuing to work. I have tried lots of other products and just wish I had used Perspi-guard sooner. If other productshave failed Iwould recommend you try this one.


15 September 2016

I keep checking my under arms as I can't believe how effective this product is. Totally dry and odour free from day one - true story!

Wow! Your product arrived yesterday. I Sprayed my under arms before going to bed last night. Today it was in the nineties, I was running up and down ladders redecorating and looked liked a drowned rat... with one exception... my under arms were totally dry. I couldn't believe it.(!) My under arms were warm (as I was hot) but they were/are bone dry and odour free. I haven't been able to say that for the last 44 years. Showering hasn't altered anything. My wife is getting fed up with me keep checking every 30 minutes. The only thing I am unsure of is if I can still use my 'Vaseline Spray & Go Cocoa Moisturiser' that I would use once a day from head to toe. It is so weird not using anti-perspirant and still be fresh. Amazing product, worth every penny. PS. under arms still dry; just checked (again!)


2 July 2016

Excellent, life changing product.

This product is life changing for people with sweat problem. I don't know what I'll do without it.


19 October 2015

Happy brother!

I got this for my brother. He had reached the point of having cosmetic injection treatments for sweat control. Now with Perspi Guard Antiperspirant Treatment 50ml he applies once a week and he forgets he ever used it. He is so pleased and happy! I highly recommend your product. PS Only thought if there are any long term cautions to be considered or if a break period is needed every few months? ***Perspi-Guard Response*** Dear Spiro, great news thank you. No need to pause or break in use. Perspi Guard can be used as required for as long as required. It only stops the viscous problem sweat under the arms (or wherever it's applied). Normal body cooling (thermo-regulation) is un-affected.


12 January 2015

Life Changing

I'm not over exaggerating, this product is simply amazing! I used sweat by the bucket load even when it wasn't even hot, then I used this product and the next day I could feel difference, no sweat patches at all. I always used to feel embarrassed and had to wear a few layers so no one would notice the sweat, now I don't need to worry about it at all. Cannot thank it enough!

N Mulholland

12 January 2015

Cosmetic care product

Excellent does what it says on the packet. Had changed the way I dress and guarantees to stay dry. Brilliant.

Mr Kevin Palmer

12 January 2015

Just Amazing

This antiperspirant treatment is brilliant! I used to have to change shirts in the Summer between 3 and 4 times during my working hours. Using Perspiguard has really enabled me to manage without a change. If you do as it says, and don't forget, it works. Just great!


19 November 2014

Really good antiperspriant

This is a really effective antiperspirant and I am glad I ordered it


17 November 2014


Following a recent purchase of one of your products Perspi-Guard 5 day spray for excessive underarm sweating which I found on-line, I can honestly state that my life has been total transformed within 2 days of the product arriving. Having suffered severely from this problem all my life (51 years), and been the subject to ridicule from school days to university, and then in to my business career, I can honestly say that this product is a real Life Changer for me and I sincerely hope it works for all new users. I am now able to attend meetings with total confidence, have the ability and freedom to take off my jacket whenever I want, even in hot weather, but most importantly, I now have the pleasure of being able to walk around town, attend parties etc, without having to have my arms being firmly clamped together in order not to receive rather embarrassing looks. I should also say that one of my daughters suffers from the same problem, and she is total ecstatic on how this product has worked for her, and I am sure that her new found confidence will help her with exams and interviews in the future. We both cannot thank you enough, and will of course be highly recommending this product to other sufferers.


17 November 2014

Love your product

Would just like to say I absolutely love your product, I think it is amazing and is quite honestly a godsend!


12 November 2014

amazing product

have tried various products which claim to have 72 & 48 hr protection but do not work at all,could feel the difference from day 1 with perspiguard. Trust me its amazing

Julie Macoll

12 November 2014

Great product that actually works!

This really works, it doesn't sting like other similar products I've tried and really reduces sweating. It is value for money as you only use a couple of times a week and my order arrived really fast!


12 November 2014

A real revelation, this works

After many years of suffering from wet armpits and then using too much normal antiperspirant/deodorant which caused unpleasant smells and stains I found Perspi Guard on the internet and I bought it for my husband, I can honestly say it's changed his life, he now uses Perspi Guard every few days and a small amount of non-aluminium body spray/deodorant on a daily basis and he is dry and fresh smelling, he is thrilled.

Debbie Balogh

12 November 2014

Brilliant Product

I am probably not alone in purchasing products which claim this and that only to be let down and out of pocket, So when i so the website offering a solution to my heavy underarm sweating i was sceptical but i needn`t have been I purchased Perspi-Guard® Antiperspirant Treatment just the small 30ml bottle first to be on the safe side although it is cheaper to buy more and was astonished how good this product is and have already ordered more after only using twice.So if you suffer from this annoying ailment and bearing in mind what works for me might not necessarily work for everyone for the sake of £7.95 for the 30ml it`s worth a try.

Ms Sojila

12 November 2014

Pleasant shopping experience, will be back again

I received my order on time. The product I bought is just amazing, it does what it says on the box, I have been looking for a product to combat my excess sweat issue for a long time. Thank you

Mrs Price

12 November 2014

excellent product that has made a huge diference to my confidence

Well I have to say that I was sceptical, but the reviews were excellent and with the no quibble money back guarantee I figured why not, what do I have to lose? It arrived within a few days (I think I opted for the faster delivery) I started using it that night and because I had shaved that morning it stung and itched a little, there was also some sensitivity, but I tried it again a few days later having shaved the morning of the day before and it was fine. The sensitivity went after the first few applications. You must follow the instructions and do it just before bed, your underarms must be clean and completely dry, providing you follow the instructions carefully the results are immediate, well they were for me anyway. I didnt suffer from excessive sweating as such, although I did often suffer from sweat patched meaning my wardrobe mainly consisted of black, but my real issue was stress sweat and the smell, just an awful rancid almost onion like smell, my mum suffers too and it sticks in your clothes no matter how much you wash them, but using this and having treated my clothes with bicarb and vinegar I can now wear all clothes with confidence, it has completely changed my life, that sounds really corney, but I can relax when people come close to me at work or when i'm out, when I hug friends and family. I waited a long time to write this review as I wanted to be sure that it would continue to peform and it does, dont get me wrong its not perfect, you may still sweat a little and on the 3rd or 4th day before you reapply (as you only use twice a week) you may notice that its not as effective as day 1, but I would recommend this to anyone, if it doesn't work for you then send it back and get a full refund you have nothing to lose and if it works for you then it could be amazing. I hope this has been helpful and I hope it works for you too!

Stephen Cave

12 November 2014

Absolutely incredible - after years of trying everything Perspi-Guard works!!

I have tried all kinds of solutions for my horrendous under-arm perspiration and nothing has worked. I have been cursed by it since my teens, so basically I mostly wear white or really dark shirts and my perspiration destroys them, never mind the feeling of wetness that I have lived with all these years, and the huge sweat patches that are so visible - I am now 47. I am relatively fit and very healthy, and about average weight - but since I was a teenager have suffered this challenge and it has driven me to distraction. So last week I came across the website and decided to buy Perspi-Guard - the return guarantee meant I reckoned I wasn't going to lose out if it didn't work - and I fully expected it wouldn't work. I applied it on Thursday night and waited to see - the first night it was a bit uncomfortable, with a slightly burning sensation, but nothing too bad. I wore a shirt on Friday that would normally get very wet; and it is summer, with quite decent, warm temperatures. By mid-morning - totally dry. Then I had to move some heavy boxes upstairs in work, unexpectedly. I worked up quite a sweat - and yet, underarm, not a mark! Right through the day - nothing. Out for dinner with my wife in the evening - totally dry! I did a very slight application on Friday night and it is now Monday evening; I have had quite a busy weekend and was wearing a waterproof coat watching the Irish Open golf all day Saturday and Sunday - usually a recipe for sweating like crazy. But no - totally dry underarm all weekend!!! I am absolutely stunned, relieved, delighted - whatever word you want to use. I can't believe what has happened and only wish I had discovered this years ago. Today (Monday) I have been wearing a purple t-shirt that normally is 'dark' within minutes and there isn't a mark - and that was with the last application on Friday night. I don't want to use a word like 'life-changing' but it really isn't far off the mark. I cannot praise this product highly enough - totally amazing. THANK YOU!!!!!

Mandy Williams

10 November 2014

A Life Saver!

I purchased your Perspi-Guard antiperspirant treatment, and it is fantastic! So much so, my son - who is a trainee primary school teacher - has been using it and it has been a life saver for him. Dramatic I know, but true!
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